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The Right Steps to Take In Selling a Property

Selling a home successfully, for the majority of sellers, means achieving the highest possible selling price in the shortest possible period of time.  In order for you to achieve this it is imperative that your home be evaluated and correctly priced by a professional and ethical estate agent.

Too many sellers base their choice of estate agent on the price that the estate agent promises to obtain for the home – don’t make this mistake.  Be realistic – an estate agent cannot get a buyer to pay more than market value for the property just because the estate agent has promised the seller an inflated amount.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a bidding war.  The estate agent has no control over the market – he or she does not actually buy or sell houses.  All that the estate agents controls is the actual marketing of the property and if a particular property is over-priced, then no matter how well the estate agent markets the property he or she will be unable to negotiate a price for a home in excess of what buyers will be willing to pay.  Estate agents who accept mandates from sellers at any price and do not counsel sellers on the potential dangers of such over-pricing are not the type of estate agents with whom you want to enter into a business relationship.

The only way to arrive at the correct selling price for your home is by studying the prices of similar properties sold recently in your area.  The value of a home, beyond the costs of replacement or municipal valuations, is what a financially and legally able buyer is willing to pay.  Your estate agent has the responsibility of providing you with the facts regarding recent sales of comparable properties in the area – a professionally prepared Comparative Market Analysis is essential in determining price.

Your estate agent should also be able to advise you as to the present state of the market and how your property compares in value to similar properties already on the market.  The amount of time that a property is on the market affects the eventual selling price.  If a property is initially over-priced it has a good chance of eventually selling below market value because purchasers learn to wait, i.e. they wait for a seller to become urgent and then submit low offers.

The estate agent that you select to market your property should be the one who is the most professional – the best negotiator, the best marketer and one to whom you can entrust the marketing of your most valuable asset.  

Why Choose Hall Real Estate?

You have a confusing array of estate agents to choose from, each one claiming to sell quicker and at a higher price than the other.  Whilst these claims, without a proven track-record, are nothing but hot air, it is a fact that some agents are better than others.

The estate agent you select will need to be a person with whom you can communicate comfortably.  Although it may appear that you are retaining the services of a company when you sign a mandate, it is in fact the individual estate agent who will, or will not, afford you the degree of service that you and your property require.

Hall Real Estate is a dynamic and innovative association of top performing estate agents.  Representing Hall Real Estate in your area is a team of specialist, professional estate agents who all share one common trait – an absolute commitment to their clients and the development of their areas.

On listing your home, no estate agent in the employ of Hall Real Estate can claim to be in a position to sell your home quicker than anyone else, but he or she will commit to marketing the property in such a way that a maximum selling price is achieved in the shortest possible period of time.

Hall Real Estate’s associates are fully professional.  They have proven results.  They will always keep you informed and you will always be able to trust them to work in your best interests.

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